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Design of bone inspired scaffolds and biomechanical characterization of the bone-scaffold construct

Project title: Design and characterization of bone inspired scaffolds
Recruiting and hosting institution: University of Liège
Country: Belgium
PhD enrollment:  University of Liège
Supervisors: University of Liège (BE): D. Ruffoni, MEDAPP (P) A. Skalski.
Objectives: To design bone-inspired scaffolds and to characterize bone-scaffold constructs.
Expected Results: Predictive models for the characterization of scaffold-bone interaction at different length scales.

Description: DC5 position is about investigating the following aspects

  1. Design strategies for bone inspired scaffolds mimicking realistic trabecular/cortical bone geometries and microstructures, and informed by anatomical location and loading conditions;
  2. Computational models to characterize the biomechanical interplay between scaffolds and host bone at multiple length scales and with a particular focus at the bone-scaffold interface;
  3. Assessment of the whole bone environment before and after the placement of the scaffold.

The Doctoral Candidates will interact with other members of the project’s DCs in a multidisciplinary setting by taking part in training sessions and workshops. Each DC will also conduct secondments in order to broaden her/his scientific understanding of the project’s subject and develop soft skills.

Required profile/research interests:

  • Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Materials Engineering or related fields.
  • The degree must be completed with good grades, latest by the start of the recruitment.
  • Proficiency in the English language (both written and spoken): CAMBRIDGE ≥ FCE grade B (or equivalent).
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work as a part of a team and independently.

Monthly salary:

The successful candidates will receive an attractive salary in accordance with the MSCA regulations for Doctoral Researchers for a 3-year contract (full time employment). The salary includes a living allowance (gross amount: €3 400 per month), plus a mobility allowance (€600 per month), and a family allowance (€650 per month if applicable). The precise (net) salary will be confirmed upon appointment.

In addition, such a monthly salary, all REBONE fellows will benefit from a wide range of training and mentoring activities, which includes secondments to be organised at the premises of the REBONE Beneficiaries and Associated Partners, as well as of a wide variety of training modules (related to both scientific and transferable skills).

Where to request additional information for this position:

Prof. Davide Ruffoni,

In order to complete the application procedure please prepare in advance the following documents:

  • Application summary and Privacy consent (pdf file, please download the form HERE)
  • CV using the European template (pdf file)
  • List of publications (pdf file, free format)
  • Copy of up to three selected publications, if available (zip file with three selected publications)
  • Certificate of English language (pdf file)
  • Signed copy of Identity card/Passport (pdf file)
  • Motivation letters (pdf file)
  • Two recommendation letters (zip file with two pdf)
  • A research proposal: A document with no more than 8000 characters (excluding Bibliography) describing a potential research activity pertinent to the specific topic of the DC to be recruited. Figures and tables are allowed. Template provided. (pdf file, please download the template HERE)