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End-to-end multidisciplinary optimal design for improved personalized bioactive glass/ceramic bone substitute implants – ReBone


ReBone is a four-year Doctoral Network funded by the Europe Horizon Marie Skłodowska programme (MSCA-DN), aiming at innovatively training a new generation of researchers to develop a multidisciplinary optimization process aimed at providing technologies for personalized bone-substitute implants based on bioactive ceramics to address the health and societal burdens of trauma and bone diseases.

The musculoskeletal system is extremely vulnerable to ageing and traumatic events, and common clinical conditions often impose a high burden on the clinical system. For patients requiring bone-substitute implants to treat critical-size bone defects, new solutions are needed to address important unmet needs: personalised solutions for better clinical outcomes; improvements in materials to ensure higher mechanical reliability without compromising bioactive and bioresorbable properties; optimised manufacturing technologies for materials and products of high reliability and quality.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals ReBone is about to open 10 fully funded PhD positions, starting in 2024. Follow the link below for more details.

Material technology

Development of high quality and reliable bioactive GC-based materials and related manufacturing technology


Development of in-silico models for the prediction of the biomechanical properties of bone implants and of a multi-disciplinary optimization platform

Mechano-biology, clinics and mixed reality

Clinical perspective, mechano-biology and procedural planning in mixed reality space